For over 20 years Visionmill have been pushing the boundaries of video technology, so why should a pandemic stop us? Applying our broadcast and streaming knowledge we have created a selection of technical resources that now provide the back bone to our remote and virtual production service.

Whilst virtual events are a new area for everyone, we continue to work and support our customers which include mainstream household brands, blue chip companies and PR / event agencies. The service is completely customised to meet each specific requirement, be it a product launch, social awareness campaign, masterclass, media engagement or internal corporate communication. There is no reason for your brand, presenters and message be treated with any less value in a virtual world – if anything it is even more important to deliver slick and engaging presentations.

With our focus primarily on providing a managed broadcast solution, the process can really be broken down in to three areas to ensure presentations are delivered with professional, polished result from start to finish.



Capturing remote participants for live broadcasts, or for pre-recorded content, has become a necessity during the current pandemic. Our bespoke solution “OB1”, allows production crews, clients, and stakeholders a seamless way of conducting remote sessions, to ensure the message is delivered.

With a focus on secure, reliable links, that maintain the highest quality, we have solutions that range from using the presenters own equipment to fully managed, remote controlled camera systems, where capture is mission critical for a live broadcast. The technical set up is fully managed and supported by our engineers, and assumes that the contributor may have limited technical ability.

All our solutions allow our directors to discreetly talk to each contributor which is a perfect way to feed additional questions to a panel host for example. We can also send a customised split screen video return, which could include autocue.

The system also integrates with studio locations around the world should your presenter need a more than “at home” set up.



Our broadcast control room was designed from the ground up for remote production. It’s the heart of the system and enables the switching and distribution of all the incoming sources. It includes a complete broadcast graphics suite to allow for tickers, lower 3rd names, titles, bugs etc. It also allows for more traditional PowerPoint or Keynote presentations for corporate events. Video playback, multiple channels of record and full audio mixing are also provided.

Production, clients, and contributors are all linked via our IP comms system for instant updates and editorial decisions, along with custom mix returns to each presenter.

With multiple internet connections and power backup, it is a completely flexible and scalable solution.



With our focus on providing a managed broadcast service, the system has been designed to be “platform” agnostic.

You may want to create an intimate, interactive session, using commonly available video conference software, such as Teams, Zoom or Webex. These enable your audience to interact with your host or pane.

You may alternatively want to send the output to your own social channels via youtube, vimeo, facebook, twitch.

We can deliver to one or all of these at the same time, or even create you a bespoke branded landing page to host the stream.



We offer individual solutions for each and every project.


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