Gallery Virtual VTR Dongle Pro (Used)


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Gallery’s Virtual VTR Software for Intel MAC supported up to OSX 10.12

  • Graphical Overlay architecture adds Timecode / Feet and Frame burns, plus programmable Punches and Streamers for ADR and Foley recording.
  • Sophisticated programmable GPI sequence
    for Foley / ADR.
  • Generates beeps for ADR and Foley recording.
  • Performs real time Pan and Scan for resizing video formats, eg playing HD picture via a pan
    and scan SD output.
  • Interfaces with MCS3 and Shuttle Pro controllers as a complete Foley recording control synchronizer, handling Video, streamers, GPIs, beeps and control of Audio deck (eg Pro Tools or Nuendo).
  • Direct Import of non-movie files, eg MPEG2, AVI, DV Stream, automatically creating reference movie to house timecode track.
  • Additional direct-video out capability for mismatching codecs, by translating via graphics overlay buffer. Ensures that *ANY* quicktime-compatible codec (eg: H.264) can be output genlocked via video cards like AJA Kona.
  • Supports Odetics protocols for clip access
  • Supports transport control from a remote web browser
  • VirtualVTR Pro’s Streamer can emulate a variety of common hardware video streamers, or can be triggered via GPI, so you can use VirtualVTR Pro
    with existing foley or ADR control systems.
  • VirtualVTR Pro can also generate MTC
    (midi timecode)
  • Many other high end functions for professionals.