TOKEN 2049

TOKEN 2049

Visionmill were asked to supply on site recording, edit facilities and virtual contribution management for this premier crypto event.

In addition we also delivered a two camera PTZ mix from the smaller presentation stage and delivered content from the keynote to screens around the venue using our IPTV system.

Turn around times for the edit were tight which demanded a super fast workflow. Using some of the technology we developed over lockdown, we were able to utilise our edit while ingest system, delivering streams from both keynote and breakout stages direct to our onsite SSD storage system. This allowed the edit to start 30 seconds after the start of the session and be worked on while the session was still running.

Final edits were sent to our high speed encoding machines around 15 minutes after the end of a session and were online 30 minutes after the session.


    George P Johnson

  • DATE:

    November, 2022


    Record / Edit, Virtual Contribution, PTZ Camera Mix, IPTV


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